Royal Candy Mania

Do you like classic jewel games? Of course, yes! But let's replace jewels and gems with candies, cookies, and lollipops! Real royal candy mania awaits you! Meet a new and free match-3 game: Royal Candy Mania - Match-3! There are heaps of candies, tons of cookies, wagons of marshmallows, and rivers of juice and jelly here! Match three games for free, play now! Royal Candy Mania provides you tasty features that you await in free match 3 games such as beautiful candies and fruits, smooth smashing animations, various levels, and even more! The game contains the aesthetic of a classic candy saga game


In-game music credentials:

Bye, Bye Brain! by Alexander Nakarada
Music promoted on chosic
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)